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Energy Management

Energy Management

Making Room for the Miracle

Have you ever been so angry or hurt that you could hardly forgive the other person? And was it easy to forgive? Or did you, maybe even after having forgiven, still feel a little bit angry or hurt – or not at ease with this person? Maybe even now?

Discover this radical new perspective of what forgiveness is. Learn to shift your energy in an easy and quick step-by-step process, developed by Colin Tipping: “Radical Forgiveness – Making Room for the Miracle”.

  • Apply it in your workplace to better handle conflicts
  • Apply it in your daily life to improve your relationships,
    to be more balanced and to find inner peace.
  • Apply it to be free of your negative emotions.


  1. to understand the concept of Radical Forgiveness
  2. to better handle your emotions: to let go your anger and your feeling hurt
  3. to start to forgive yourself and others – this means to start to improve your relationships
  • Individual Coachings
  • Telephone Coachings
  • Presentations
  • Forgiveness Ceremonies
  • Humenergy Management in your Company

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